A work appointment above the practical The Egg.

The egg combines style, technology, innovation and functionality in one device.

The egg is a gigantic interactive tablet embedded into design piece of furniture with aesthetic value and style. The touch controlled computer allows installation and utilization of all kind of application for file management and creation, editing, saving or searching. It can be used as an IOT central controller for all devices at home or in the office.

Central IOT controller.

Design table. Multimedia centre.

Gigantic interactive tablet embedded into design piece of furniture with aesthetic value and style.

Product and service presentations. Office assistant. Multimedia center. Connection with the world. Control of smart home and office.
Detail of the table screen.
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The egg is the star, discreet at the beginning. Design and combination of solid natural wood and glass attract guests’ attention. We serve fresh coffee with snacks and have a small talk. When we move to the topics we want to visually present, the glass surface turns into an impressive touch screen. We move the cups aside and browse through a presentation, photos, layouts or videos. This impression is always an unforgettable experience for the client and it helps us to close a deal.

A work appointment above the elegant The Egg.

Every piece of the egg is original and has a story.

The egg is our flagship where we used our expertise in software development and interactive technology implementation combined with 25 years of experience with processing of solid wood using traditional methods and the most precise technologies.

We use 120 years old high quality solid wood from the Czech republic. The production process is very demanding as each egg consists of 62 original pieces. We combine handiwork with the newest technology and therefore every egg is an unique piece of art.


A view of the whole table in the context of a luxury living room.


  • material: solid oak wood and glass
  • technology: FullHD with touch screen, Intel i7 inside
  • warranty: 24 months
  • delivery: 8 weeks
  • price: 15,600 USD
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We are fascinated and inspired by development of new technologies that have a potential to bring a new quality to our everyday life. We believe that an innovation is useful only at the moment when in turns into value-based innovation and brings a new real value to its potential customers. We combine benefits of interactive technology with natural human need to choose and control things around us the easiest possible way – by touch, gesture or voice. We became experts on interactive technology.

Libor Vošický

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